Ilex crenata Stokes 20-30 cm
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Ilex crenata Stokes 20-30 cm is the oldest Ilex crenata species. Unique, suitable for any garden!

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✔ Ilex crenata Stokes 20-30 cm (in pot)
✔ Age: 3-4 years (number of years grown)
✔ Grows slow
✔ Ideal for low hedges or cloud elements
✔ No grub and fungal diseases
✔ Tip: Mix peat (2/3) and organic soil improver (1/3) when planting
✔ Use only organic fertilizers

Height: 20-30 cm
Type: Pot
Evergreen: Yes
Diseases: no
Resistant to salty sea air: Yes
Growth rate 2nd year after planting: 15 cm/year
Soil Type: Acid (4-4.5 Ph) *
Leaf color: Dark green
Period Plantation: The whole year
Plant Distance: 6 per running meter/36 per m2
Frequency pruning: 1 x per year (May/June or possibly August/September)

* By mixing the soil with 2/3 peat you can come to this acidity

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Robert - 02-07-2019 11:12

Goed verzorgde verzending met gezonde planten
Wij zijn uiterst tevreden

: Japanse Hulst
: 20-30 cm
Seasonal plant

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